Church Leaders


The mission of the Session is to provide the spiritual and governmental leadership of
Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Class of 2018- Amy Lehman, John Ritzinger, Dave Siegler
Class of 2019- Gordon Neumann, Jami Madewell, Frank Catrine
Class of 2020- Loretta Sebastian, Alex Bowers, Rich Graff

Clerk of Session: Gordon Neumann

Our Session is divided into 5 ministry teams to carry out the work and mission of Covenant.

Administration Ministry: John Ritzinger (chair)

Adult Ministry: Alex Bowers & Loretta Sebastian (co-chairs)

Outreach Ministry: Amy Lehman(chair)

Youth Ministry: Dave Siegler (chair)

Personnel Committee: Frank Catrine (chair)


The mission of the Deacons at Covenant Presbyterian Church is to minister to those within our congregation who are in need; to care for one another as God cares for each of us.

Class of 2018- Pam Goins, Carole Hepp
Class of 2019- Charlotte McCarthy, Kelly Siegler
Class of 2020- Cindy Caiarelli, Rich Robison